Home Based Franchises Favored by Female Entrepreneurs

The role of businesses founded and owned by women has had a dramatic effect on our economy and job market. According to the Center for Women’s Business, the year 2006 saw as many as 10.6 million businesses owned by women in the U.S. The recent boom of home-based franchises owned by women promises to increase those numbers drastically. Franchises have always offered entrepreneurs the ability to buy an already established business with built-in tools for success. From tutoring services to staffing companies, franchises are increasingly becoming the home based business of choice for women. Following are just a few of the home based franchise opportunities out there.

For women with children at home, a tutoring franchise can be a fantastic and convenient option. Founded in 1993 by Janet Wolfe, Tutorium Inc. is a highly profitable tutorial service that allows the franchise owner the flexibility of working from home. You do not need to have a background in education to own your own Tutorium franchise. Tutorium Inc. provides you with a three to four day training program that covers such topics as advertising, interviewing and hiring tutors, and maintaining day-to-day information. They also provide you with software to assist you in running your business. The fee for the franchise is $19,500 and they estimate that you will need another $2,000-$3,000 in advertising costs.


If focusing on academia is not your passion, you might consider buying a franchised art program for children, like Young Rembrandts. Created in 1988 by Bette Fetter, Young Rembrandts provides children’s arts classes with the goal of developing art talents and learning skills to give preschoolers and elementary age children an academic advantage. A certified teaching or art degree is not required. Over the course of your one-week training, The Young Rembrandts team of experts will train you on all aspects of the business including sales, marketing, staffing, and teacher training. They also give you a curriculum, task management software, your own website, and ongoing training that includes annual conferences. The cost of the franchise is $31,500.


For women with a talent for business and a desire to assist companies with their staffing needs, Personalized Management Associates could be your ticket to home based business success. Personalized Management Associates (PMA), founded in 1985 by Bonnie Lins, is a business that offers recruiting and placement services of management personnel for restaurants, retail establishments and hotels. With this franchise, your potential clients include restaurants, hotels and retail companies. PMA offers a comprehensive training program conducted by Certified Personnel Consultants. They teach you how to find, recruit and place applicants and show you how to clients. PMA also give you operations manuals, marketing and sales support software and ongoing training for both you and your employees. The estimated initial investment ranges from $45,000 to $55,000.


For all women who dream of owning their own home-based business, there are endless choices. Many of the home based franchises available (like those listed above) are also recession resistant. With various niche markets available via franchise ownership, you can find exactly the right fit for you.