Become an EBay Entrepreneur: No Selling Involved!

Have you thought about starting your own internet marketing business with eBay?

Maybe you’ve purchased a few “How-to Make Money On eBay” manuals from the power sellers. Look at the boat loads of money these guys are hauling into their bank accounts! Why couldn’t you do the same?


So what’s stopping you? Reality?


Yes, it sounds fantastic when you read the eBooks. But when you get down to the nitty-gritty, your eyes bug open. Whew. Maybe this is something you’re not yet ready to tackle. It’s hard work. Power sellers just didn’t decide one fine day that they wanted to get rich on eBay, jump right in and the next month book their Maui vacation.


Let’s take a very simplistic look at what these top eBay earners are doing before they head for Hawaii.


First…you have to have something to sell in order to make any money, right? So where do you get the goods? Now you do your research. You’ll want to find wholesale products so you can make a profit. Since there are endless places, you don’t want to choose willy-nilly. Remember when I mentioned research? That one task alone, can cause hair loss.


Second…you’ve decided where you’ll get your products. Maybe imports from a foreign country. Oh, by the way. Have you secured warehouse facilities? You can’t leave them out in the weather. Yes, that’s a cost you should have figured in.


Now you have to let the world know about these incredible deals they’ve been dying to buy. So you set up your eBay seller’s account. Take professional-quality pictures of what you have to offer the salivating public. Upload the pictures and don’t forget…now you want to draw on your impressive copywriting skills.


Third…okay, all of that is done. Now you watch the auctions. Then finally…a sale! Yahoo! Book the flight! But first, you have to call the courier or run to the post office with your specially-wrapped product for your lucky customer. (still spitting bubble-wrap)


Fourth…oops. The customer didn’t feel all that lucky? How dare they complain! You can’t handle this.


Yes, you have to deal with customer complaints, my friend. That’s your path to becoming an eBay power seller. Just remember the beach. And pray they don’t go on eBay and give you a negative review.


Fifth…Dear Diary: This is only the first month of becoming a great eBay entrepreneur. This is the hardest work I’ve ever done. I think I’m having a breakdown. And I don’t like beaches anymore.


Yes, it’s hard work becoming rich on eBay. That could explain why many entrepreneurs who love the possibilities of eBay and internet marketing have made the choice to do the business in a much easier way. With less costs.


Now you can have the best of both worlds by becoming an eBay affiliate! Combining affiliate marketing with your chosen niche. You can join eBay’s affiliate program on their site. Or, for the easiest, fastest way, you can obtain the means of creating an eBay affiliate website and earn commissions on what your customers buy. Heck, you even make money when someone signs up with eBay!


So whether you’re in for the hard work of being an eBay seller or the easy way of the eBay affiliate, you’ll make the right choice for you. You may even hit the beach, again!


(c) Karen Cook


To find out how you can choose from 60 million products to affiliate with, swim over to and catch the wave!

Karen Cook works at a Public Library where she helps patrons with their home based business research.