Kimora Simmons is the Baby Phat Mogul, Single Mom, Entrepreneur and Model

All in one

Kimora Simmons the name , the designer behind BabyPhat one of the hottest lines out in the fashion world Kimora Simmons is the ex wife of Russell iImmons a magnate in the music world, one of the richest men in the music world. They are happily divorced and still friendly. He was her mentor. She was a young Asian model when they met. They have two beautiful little girls and Kimora now stars in the reality program featuring her little family and her business, Kimora:Life in the Fab lane. Her line includes Plus sizes, Junior sizes, Lingerie, Pocketbooks, jeans and more.

She describes herself as a single mom, entrepeneur, mogul. She is an extremely briliant business woman. She runs her staff like a family. She is the Mom encouraging them, pushing them to move towards being more creative. She is a hard task master and expects perfection. She has high goals for them and for herself. She is extremely astute and detail oriented. Despite the fact that she had an incredible jump start through her marraige to Simmons she hasn’t rested on his laurels. She took the opportunity to make something more of all of the wealth. She’s beatiful and could have skated by on the that but she jumped into the fashion world instead. The fasion world is extremely hard, hours wise, competition wise and investment wise.


One of her latest projects is the Kimora Barbie. It’s extremely important to her becuase it will be an ethinic Babrie. It will have Asian features and coloring as opposed to the sterotypical blond Barbie. On her program you see her discussing in detail the costuming for this Barbie and the title. She whips into the rpresentative because they have tried to eliminate the word Barbie from the doll and she nails them on that point. Then they want to eliminate either the Chinchilla coat or the little dog accessories and she tells them. Blonde Barbie has both her coat and her pearls there’s no reason Kimora Barbie can’t hav her coat and her dog. She doesn’t let anything slip by her.


She does the Baby Phat line for most of the big deparment stores as well as getting into children’s clothing now. She’s got an office in mid town manhatten and production out in California. She is huge and still growing.


She house hunts in California an gives the real estate agent three chances. She tells him find me three houses, that’s it. Three strikes and your out SHe’s hunting in the $12 to $15 Million dollar range. She does find the perfect house.


Her staff includes Mary Alice for wardrobe, Cindy Brand Co Ordinator, Paula Vice President of Marketing, Tina Vice President of Branding, Brandon her assistant, James her Senior Director of Marketing and in house ad executive. Brandon is weepy, funny and very close to her. It’s interesting to see how her immediate staff works and how she works with them.When presented with ideas she’s she’ll say things like “Don’t make bust out my nail file” meaning they’re boring her. She’s a funny, entertaining woman along with her other attributes.


It’s also interesting to see how she travels, private jet, dozens and dozens of Louis Vuitton pieces of luggage. Some that are made specifically and only for her. Yachts in Cannes. All hard earned. She certainly works and she certainly doesn’t have to since her divorce from Russell SImmons left her quite comfortable.. She does modeling stints for her collection that run until 4 in them morning.


Her girls, Ming and Yoki ar adorable. Not truly spoiled yet but I gues they will be, it unavoidable when you live in homes that look like castles and fly in private jetsand are tended to by several people. They have a driver and a personal cook and their miniature Baby Phat handbags. Kimora has a Yoga instructor who comes in for her and for her staff to destress everyone.


Kimora Simmons is a real success story while maintaining values.

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