Famous Entrepreneurs of Our Times: From Donald Trump to the Ice Cream Kings

Ice cream

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, it doesn’t hurt to pick up some insider entrepreneur tips from famous entrepreneurs who have already tattooed their name on the business world. There are many not-so-famous entrepreneurs that no one has heard of today, but some of the best lessons on becoming a successful entrepreneur are taken from very well known famous entrepreneurs. Here are some important entrepreneur tips drawn from famous entrepreneurs of our own times.


Famous Entrepreneurs: Duke it Out with Trump  amp; Rosie


Whether you were taken in or completely turned off by the bitter feuds between Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell in recent years, you have to admit there are some entrepreneur tips to take away from these super famous entrepreneurs. You may not have cared to watch them on TMZ or listen to their scathing comments on the radio, but you will want to pay attention to why these famous entrepreneurs chose to publicly humiliate one another despite their already successful entrepreneur careers.


(If you don’t know what this feuding was all about, click HERE to catch up.)


Donald Trump has built a massive real estate empire catering to the wealthiest class of society while Rosie O’Donnell has fought her way from chubby little known TV personality to a controversial figure with more than enough money to support her arts and crafts addiction. These two famous entrepreneurs couldn’t have anything less in common, but when they started tearing into one another on national television and later through every available media, they brought a lot of buzz to Trump’s television show, Celebrity Apprentice.


Don’t worry about poor Rosie. She got her fair share of the attention as well.


You may not be a celebrity, but you can learn something from these famous entrepreneurs. In order to gain exposure as a successful entrepreneur you sometimes have to kick up the dust and throw it in someone’s eyes. You don’t want to start dirty wars on message boards, but you can find other ways to be a little controversial, step on a few toes, and get people talking about you.


If no one is visiting your website, making the bell over your front door ring, “friending” you on Facebook, or dialing your digits on their smart phone, then you need to take lessons from these famous entrepreneurs and create some buzz. It doesn’t matter so much what they are saying about you or how annoyed some people get at hearing your name for the ump-teenth time. As long as you know your stuff and get the buzz with thought and creativity, just getting them talking is key.


Your first attempts may be more like momentary blows of dust few people notice, but keep trying and you may bring a mighty sand storm of exposure that helps you become the successful entrepreneur you want to become. Just be careful where you throw the sand!


Famous Entrepreneurs: Ben  amp; Jerry Put a Cherry on Top


Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield paid five bucks to learn how to make ice cream so they could open their own ice cream shop in the late 1970s. There are quite a few things you can learn about becoming a successful entrepreneur from these famous entrepreneurs:


  1. According to Daniel Richards’ account of the history of the company, these famous entrepreneurs chose a college town which didn’t have an ice cream shop for their first opening. A successful entrepreneur knows their target market well and finds a spot void of competition so they have a fighting chance to get started.


  1. On their first anniversary, these famous entrepreneurs opened a completely free film festival to the local community and dished out free servings of their ice cream one day a year. A successful entrepreneur sometimes must give something of value away to get something of value in return (repeat business). These traditions continue to this day and are a proud part of Ben  amp; Jerry history.


  1. These famous entrepreneurs are now known for some of the most creative ice cream flavors available anywhere and are always coming up with new ideas. When everyone and their mama is serving up vanilla the successful entrepreneur will come out with Dublin Mudslide or Oatmeal Cookie Crunch.


It isn’t easy prospering as a successful entrepreneur, but think of Ben  amp; Jerry opening that ice cream shop with only a five buck course to their credit. Think of Rosie  amp; Trump eating the sand as the cost of massive exposure. These famous entrepreneurs may be annoying with all their successful entrepreneur brands and bitter feuds. That shouldn’t stop you from learning something from the business savvy decisions that have made them famous entrepreneurs.


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