The Best Kept Secret for Entrepreneurs to Make Money


All the marketing, promotion, and advertising is not going to help your business make money. It is all worthless. Nobody cares about you or your business. These claims are for real and not a exaggerated. Your efforts will not make your business money unless you do one thing. If you want to know keep reading. You have to ask for the cash. You can be a marketing guru, a copy writing whiz, and a sales beast. But you will not make money unless you ask for the cash. One of my favorite lines from the movie Boiler Room is “Always be Closing”, but this do not have to be aggressive as it sounds.


Naturally when you start a business you do it because you have a passion and want to share it with the world. Selling is the the last thing you want to do. Selling is necessary for the growth of your business, so no matter how you feel you have to ask for the cash and not have a problem with it. A panhandler is the best business example we can follow. Let me explain. They are not afraid to ask for the cash there is no shame in their game. If we have a business that offers a solution in the form of a product or service we should not be afraid to ask for the cash either.


I used to sell toys business to business. There was a system where you first qualify the prospect, explain how they can benefit from the product, demonstrate the product, and close. Now it would not put money in my pocket if I went through the whole rigamarole and walk out the office without asking for the money. I would of came home with no money and not able to feed my family. Think of your business the same way. Your business gets fed with money so it can grow up to be big and strong. So when you ask for the cash you can feed your young business with balanced meal of cash flow.

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